Barbara Doernbach on location in the Solomon Islands, © Stephen Frink

WaterHouse Tours and Reservations is a dive travel specialty company founded in 1985 by renowned underwater photographer Stephen Frink and wife Barbara Doernbach. The objective has been to organize tours catering to the special needs of underwater photographers. As such, Stephen has been the tour leader for more than four dozen highly rewarding tours to dive resorts and live-aboard boats in such diverse and exotic destinations as the Red Sea, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Africa, Australia, Palau, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, and the Socorro Islands.

Stephen Frink is one of the most frequently published UW photographers in history, and is the publisher of a beautiful new quarterly magazine for the Divers Alert Network, ALERT DIVER. He teaches the Stephen Frink Digital Masters class annually in his home waters of Key Largo, Florida, and Stephen Frink Photographic is the North and South American distributor for the Austrian underwater housing manufacturer, SEACAM.

Barbara Doernbach is in charge of reservations and tour logistics. She is an experienced dive traveler and has been on scores of photo assignments trips to Caribbean and exotic dive destinations with Stephen. She understands the specific questions dive travelers ask and appreciates the unique challenges faced underwater photographers. When a client wants to know what’s the visibility and water temperature, how’s the night diving, or if the Nitrox is pumped by a membrane system or via partial pressure blending, she speaks scuba and will know the right answer.