Palau with Sam’s Tours and Palau Royal Resort, April 4-14, 2021

Palau with Sam’s Tours and Palau Royal Resort, April 4-14, 2021 (includes dives with spawning Bumphead Parrotfish and Sea Breams) - 7 or 10 night packages available

Palau, April 4-14, 2021

Palau with Sam’s Tours and Palau Royal Resort, offering 7 or 10 day packages - 10 day April 4 - 14, 2021 at $2973.50 per person, 7 day April 7 - 14, 2021 at $1947.00 per person - The cost of this dive and lodging package with Sam’s Tours and Palau Royal Resort is for fees per person double occupancy in an ocean view room. Because this involves a land-based resort it is also possible to book a single occupancy room.

You will need to arrive in Koror, Palau by:
Sunday April 4, 2021 for 10-day option
Wednesday April 7, 2021 for 7-day option
Departure will be Wednesday April 14, 2021 for both options.

• Note that the actual event will happen on the 7 days, April 7-14, 2021. But, we recognize many of our guests with ample discretionary time prefer to arrive early to acclimate to time zone and do some warm up diving.
• The three-day pre-event package will not have a dedicated dive boat, but will dive with Sam’s Tours under their normal boats protocols.
• The 7-night package will have two dedicated dive boats and be limited to no more than 20-passengers, 10-pax per boat.
• Packages include breakfast at the resort and lunch on the boat at sea. Dinners are not included.

Both 7 and 10-day packages will include 2 days of 3-tank dives to dive with the spawning activity of Sea Bream (Symphorichtys spilurus) and Bumphead Parrotfish (Bolbometepon muricatum) with UDE, the science group licensed to conduct the spawning dives. In addition to the spawning dives and the normal itinerary to Palau’s most iconic sites, we have also packaged a snorkel tour to Jellyfish Lake and a dive to their famous Chandelier Cave. Aside from the 3 tank dives on spawning days we will be doing two-tank dives and presenting the option for blackwater night photography opportunities. Blackwater dives will be organized on location for those interested.